Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Tasty Tater Place

We had a real treat for lunch on our way to the New Orleans Airport for our trip home on Friday. We had originally planned to have sort of a brunch at Slim Goody’s in midtown, but since Linda, Michelle and Canon needed to do some shopping at WalMart, our original plans were changed, and we had to eat a little later. I needed to have the rental car back to the airport by 1:30, so we were looking for somewhere for lunch on the way. Jay suggested SPUDLY'S SUPER SPUDS in Metairie. Good choice!

Now, New Orleans is known for its great restaurants and coffee shops. Everyone knows about The Commander’s Palace, Emeril’s, Ralph & Kacoo’s, CafĂ© du Monde, and other great eateries in the Crescent City. Obviously Spudly’s is no Emeril’s, but if you want a filling meal that will stimulate your taste buds, (in interesting surroundings), Spudly’s is the place! Spudly's signature is potato, and plenty of it. The flagship tater is the Super Duper, loaded with crabmeat, shrimp and crawfish and topped with Spudly's original cheese sauce, cheddar and chives. The El Toro is topped with beef chili and cheddar, and jalapenos are optional. The spuds are HUGE and you can choose from the many menu choices, or have them build one to order.
You might be surprised to know that I did not order the Pizza Spud, but I did pig out on a tasty sandwich and a “smaller” potato with cheddar cheese. Good stuff!

The atmosphere is eclectic. The small metal building has about ten tables on the first floor and they are up close and personal. There are swinging doors that lead to a closet sized room with two or three video poker machines (adults only, of course). The walls are covered with dark paneling and there are no windows in the place. Fresh carnations were in bud vases on each small table, covered by red or blue checked pattern tablecloths. A sign with cursive letters fashioned from a rope indicates that there is an additional dining area upstairs. However from the configuration of the roof, one can only guess that the upstairs dining area is very small, indeed. The staff is friendly, the food is really good and the prices are not unreasonable.

Their website says that Spudly’s Super Spuds has been offering the New Orleans area “a meal in a baked potato” for over twenty five years. Spudly’s was originally opened in 1980 by a brother and sister, and at first only offered the trademark potatoes. Today, however, it offers a broader menu that includes soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches. I can recommend the Roast Beef Po Boy.Spudly’s is visible from I-10 but it’s a little tough to get to unless you know the area. For lunch in New Orleans, I have a new favorite place (along with Port of Call, Camilla Grill, and Sammy’s). If you’re ever there, I urge you to check out the big taters.

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