Friday, April 10, 2009

Some Easter Predictions

Sunday, April 12 is Resurrection Sunday. It is the most special day on the Christian calendar. Easter may fall in March or April. Sometimes winter weather is the norm, other times it falls on a beautiful springlike day. Despite the variables, there are several constants I can count on for the big day. With that in mind, here are my bold predictions for Sunday:

Our Sunday morning attendance will be the highest or second highest of the year.

Sunday night - not so much!

The music will be outstanding.

Those in attendance will be dressed in their finest.

Cathy Howerton will wear a big pretty hat.

I will see some members I haven't seen since Christmas.

The sanctuary will be bright and beautifully decorated.

The little girls will be wearing frilly dresses and some of the little boys will be wearing ties. Most of them will be wearing new shoes.

My Dad will still be in Health South Hospital (working on his seventh week).

Mom will not know what day it is.

The message will be on the Resurrection.

Communion will be served at the end of the service.

Many will be blessed and God will speak to a number of hearts.

Sadly, some folks will get enough of a "religion fix" to do them until December.

Teachers will tell the little ones that Easter is more than Bunnies, chocolate, and brightly colored eggs.

The pre schoolers will have an egg hunt, anyway.

Some of our folks will be on vacation.

A number of our members will be celebrating their first Easter in Heaven.

About a dozen people will be taking part in their first Lord's Supper as members of Westmoreland Baptist.

There will be a lot of good will toward others.

Someone will be convicted of their sins.

Entire families will attend the morning service together.

The Sunday School Director will be one of the busiest people on the place.

The restaurants will be full all afternoon.

A dedicated few will come Sunday evening to the Discipleship

The risen Christ wants to change lives... and redirect eternal destinies.

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