Wednesday, April 29, 2009

350 Pounds of Mudbugs!

No major news here. Just an excuse to share a photo of my oldest Grandson, Caudle Jerry Adkins V (who we call Quint), and to give a word of praise to Baptist Campus Ministries.

Obviously, Quint, who has lived in New Orleans for 7 of his 9 years on the planet, has been assimilated into the south Louisiana culture. Like any true Bayou Boy, Quint loves crawfish!

Quint's father, Jay, is a pastor of First Baptist Church of Westwego in the greater New Orleans area. Jay has developed a close friendship and working relationship with Cory Olivier, the Baptist Campus Ministry director in the New Orleans area, and he has been involved in several BCM activities recently at Tulane University. Last night, 12 folks from FBC Westwego (including Quint) helped boil 350 pounds of crawfish in seven big pots at a BCM event at Tulane.

One of the great mission fields in the world today is right here at home, on the campuses of our colleges and universities. I thank God for the dedicated Southern Baptist men and women who are serving the Lord through their efforts to reduce the lostness among our nation's college students. I am especially thankful for our collegiate ministries in West Virginia, and the faithful campus ministers who are working hard to share Jesus with college students here in the Mountain State.

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