Monday, February 16, 2009

Temporarily Stranded In LA

To Linda (and all other friends),

It is 4:10 AM in Los Angeles. Our flight was delayed for over an hour in Charlotte, and then had to make an unscheduled stop in Dallas/Fort Worth to refuel due to high upper level headwinds.

Long story short is this - We arrived at Tom Bradley International Terminal at LA International Airport, 15 minutes AFTER our scheduled Philippine Airlines flight to Manila departed.

PAL had already closed down for the night at LAX and we were stuck. The next PAL flight to Manila will not leave until 9:05 PM on MONDAY NIGHT. Therefore we were stuck in LA for 24 hours with no place to go or stay. We made our way back to Terminal 1 where US Airways did provide us with a room and meal vouchers at the Sheraton 4 Points near the airport.

We spoke to a representative of Philippine Air Lines late last night and he expressed hope that we might be able to rebook on Monday night's flight...
We will not know until 6:00 AM (pacific time) when PAL's reservations 800 number is activated. Their ticket windows here at LAX do not open till 4:05 today.

We will be AT LEAST one day later arriving in Manila - if then! For now we are out of the weather and safe, although tired and frustrated. The next two or three hours will be crucial to this trip. Please pray that we will be able to get seats on this flight. Since that is the only daily PAL flight, this could be a problem. I want to thank my daughter in law, Michelle, for spending two hours on the phone last night with US Air and PAL (while we were en route from Dallas to LAX,) trying to help us make arrangements while we were helpless to do so ourselves. Thanks Peep. You're a trooper.

I will try to write again as soon as I know any thing about our flight status. While this came as a surprise to us - we know that nothing comes as a surprise to God. He knew what would happen and He is in control. Pray that we may have the patience to trust Him, and the discernment to be aware of why He has put us in this situation.

In His Care,
(along with Thamer, Rick, and Joey)


Cathy said...

CJ If your feet bother you at all please don't be too proud to use a cart or a wheelchair in the airport. Save your energy for the Mission trip! And you guys - don't forget to be missionaries - they need them in LA too! Howertons are praying!

C.J. Adkins said...

True. TRUE!
We had opportunity to witness to a flight attendant on the Charlotte-LA flight, along with the young lady I sat beside on that flight. Neither of them know Christ. The ticket agent in LA who helped us last night also heard the Gospel, and the waitress at breakfast received a Gideon New Testament along with her tip.