Monday, February 23, 2009

I Am Proud Of Our Team

The last day and a half has been pretty difficult for me, being so far from home and suffering from a pretty good sinus infection. Fortunately Richard Shields has come through with some good advice and I have been able to purchase the ceflexen, zyrtec, and robitussin that should get me up and running soon. I have spent the biggest part of the past day and a half in the bed, pretty much knocked out. The last thing I have been able to contribute here was preaching in the Sunday morning service. It feels fairly worthless to come half way around the world just to get sick. That is why I am so proud of the other team members who have kept the work going during my case of the "punies".

Joey has picked up the slack on the preaching duties and Rick and Thamer are both doing their parts in witnessing, scripture distribution, and support ministry. I am proud of these guys.

I have long said this may be my last trip here to the Philippines - and it may well be - as I am not planning any return trips in the foreseeable future. Only God knows what is in store for me. But it is comforting to know that this ministry is embedded in the hearts of other, younger men and women, in Huntington and New Orleans, who I believe will come again and assist the wonderful Filipino church planters here in the future.

Rick and Joey worked today with the men of the New Life Church in digging and building forms for the concrete to be mixed and poured tomorrow morning. Joey has also put together an impromptu Bible School for the kids who were out on a one day holiday today. He will be working in Children's Ministry the rest of the week. Rick is always happy to do anything he is asked, and he worked like a borrowed mule today. And what can I say about Thamer? He is everyone's "Lolo" (grandfather). When verbal communication may fail, he exudes a love for these people that can be understood in any language.

I cannot fully express the joy and pride in seeing their faithfulness to this mission. This year's trip is a little different than those before. This year we are concentrating on helping the local church make an impact in it's community. We are hoping to train church leaders in leading this congregation to place the emphasis on "being the church" and not just "doing church".

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Pray that I may be back up and around soon. (I can't stand being a slacker). Pray for the House to House evangelism activities the rest of the week and for the Revival Crusade and the Anniversary Service. Our team consists of more than the four of us who made the journey here. It includes our faithful prayer and financial partners as well.

I am so proud of our team!

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selahV said...

Hi, saw your post title on SBCVoices. Am glad I clicked on. Will be praying for your health and your team and the hearts of those with whom God will lead you to share the gospel. God bless you in your efforts. When ya get back to the states, go to Walgreens and buy yourself a netipot. It works wonders with sinus infections.