Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Evening From Dumaguete

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Our first Sunday in Dumaguete has come to a close. It has been a good day. The day began with Sunday School and worship at New Life Christian Church (SBC) and culminated with house to house evangelism on the west side of the community surrounding the church. I preached this morning at NLCC to a congregation of 75 through interpreter Giovannie Valdez. Joey Spurgeon spoke to a group of thirty or so in a morning Bible Study in Taclobo where he was introduced as “One of the great preachers in America”. He said that after that introduction he could hardly wait to hear himself speak! J

Thamer has been passing out Bibles and Bible Reading Guides to everyone who will receive one – including many of the employees of the Bethel Guest House, where we are staying. Rick is playing his guitar and singing everywhere we go. Joey is helping with the public speaking duties and he is excellent in witnessing to young people. They flock to him.

I have developed a sinus infection with some pretty miserable symptoms. But thanks to Linda and Richard Shields (a pharmacist back in Ashland) I have been able to get the medicines I need to get me back on track. Thamer and I stayed in this evening as I took the medication and slept – a lot! I will most likely stay in tomorrow and try to get this bug shaken off so we can be full force on Tuesday in preparation for the Revival Crusade activities beginning Wednesday evening.

One very pleasant surprise happened late this afternoon. While I was sleeping off the effects of the medication, I had a visitor come by my room. It was none other than Rev. Charles Davis, on his way to the Dumaguete Airport. He was heading home from a week of doing mission work up the coast in Bais City. Bro. Davis, who now serves as a pastor to seniors at a church in Alabama, was formerly Pastor of First Baptist Church of Grayson, KY. Bro. Charles was instrumental in getting me here for the very first time in February, 2000 and he and I roomed and worked together on that trip. He and his lovely wife, Linda, are precious people and dear friends. He has continued his partnership here in Bais City with young Pastor Roberto Martin – who is the grandson of Bro Davis’ long time Filipino Pastor friend, Benjamin Marcelino.

We have shared the Gospel with several hundred people already this week. We have purchased needed items for NLCC and the Mayaposi Church. I have given young Pastor Joseph Zerna several Bible Commentaries and several requested books on expository preaching. I have also talked in depth with Giovannie Valdez regarding theological education to aid him in his ministry. Giovannie is a graduate of Foundation University in Dumaguete and he works in a Microsoft Call Center doing customer service in Cebu City. He is a gifted communicator and a passionate follower of Christ. We hope to encourage him and help whenever possible to get into the Seminary here in the Philippines, or to at least take some online courses for now through New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

At least 10 adults have made public professions of faith in Jesus Christ thus far, and we have already been able to help and encourage the hard working pastors here. Thank you for helping us be here and more than anything else, thank you for your continued prayers.
Here are some photos of today’s activities. For anyone who would like to see more photos, I have already posted several albums on my Facebook page. I invite you to visit it and check them out.

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