Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthdays Remembered

The first two months of the year bring a number of birthdays to our family. Grandsons numbers one and two, and daughter in law, Leigh Anne, start the birthday year off for us in January. Nephew Josh Adkins, and twin nieces, Kate and Alex' big days also come in January. Other family members' birthdays come in April and May, with anniversaries in May, June, July, and then some other birthdays in September, October, and an anniversary in November. But the shortest month of the year seems to bring our family more than it's share of important dates.

Yesterday my wife, Linda, observed her birthday. Since it is not polite to mention a lady's age, I'll simply say that she and I are now the same age again - and will be until October. Linda is obviously a keeper. I thank God that she has been willing to put up with me (and every thing that comes with that) for the past 37+ years. She came into my life 40 years ago, and life changed forever - for the better, of course! One could never ask for a better wife, friend, and mother of his children. When she came home at midday, grandsons 2 & 4 and I surprised her with a birthday cake and gifts. Jay and Michelle and the New Orleans grandsons sent a gift and called. Benji and Leigh Anne joined us later in the day as the local family had opportunity to be together briefly. Linda and I just had a quiet evening at home and will probably go out to eat this afternoon at a place of her choosing. Along with my mother, grandmother and late mother-in-law, Linda is the best human being I have ever know. I wish I were more like her.

Sister-in-law, Sarah Adkins, observed her birthday earlier this month in Atlanta. Next week the birthdays really bunch up for our family. Valentine's Day is the big day for my younger brother, Bruce, in Huntington, WV and our daughter-in-law, Michelle, in New Orleans. Our son, Jay, Michelle's husband, celebrates on the 15th as does Linda's younger brother, Bob, in Pike County, KY. Bruce's younger son, Caleb, cuts the cake two days later, on February 17th. The February birthdays wind up with Linda's sister, Violet Bennett, later in the month. Along with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, some "great Americans" are celebrating this month.

I wish them all a very happy birthday, and many, many more!

(and I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!!!)

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