Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You See The Most Unexpected Things From Time To Time!

While one of our Easy Rides was broken down on a dirt road between two sugar cane fields in Mabinay, the  other two stopped in a shady area where we took opportunity to share the Gospel with about 20 curious folks who came out to check us out.  Paul Harris preached and 12 of those folks responded to the message by professing faith in Jesus Christ.

While we were waiting there, a young guy rode by on a bicycle, and when I saw the T-Shirt he was wearing, I asked him to please stop and allow me to photograph him. He never really understood why I was so interested in his shirt.  Check it out and guess for yourself!


Anonymous said...

Wow! The world is definitely getting smaller! :)

apastorsprogress said...

Wow! CJ, I will definitely show this to my church!