Friday, February 22, 2013

Report From Dumaguete - Saturday AM

Our Negros Oriental Crusade has had a great start.
We have been incredibly busy, and already traveled many miles in the "Easy Ride".  On Friday we had opportunity to the Gospel in a public school in a barangay of Bacong.  Bub Amis spoke to over 200 students. After that, Randall Robertson had opportunity to share with the Faculty members and the Principal. Then at one o'clock we went back and Paul Harris had opportunity to present the Gospel to about 100 of the children's parents at a PTSA Meeting.

Last night in Bindoy we shared the Gospel with more than 300 people on an outdoor basketball court. 178 precious souls responded to the invitation to follow Jesus.  We do not know how many decisions are genuine and from the heart but we do know that they all heard the Gospel. We also know that Pastor Nico Folio will follow up on each one.

Below you will find our preaching itinerary for the rest of the trip. Please use it as a prayer guide when you have opportunity to pray for us.

In His Grace,

Ministry (Preaching) Rotation For the NESBAC/Beacon Ministries
Negros Oriental Crusade
Feb 21-March 3

Thursday, Feb 21 – Orientation – C.J. Adkins
Friday, Feb 22 -  School Evangelism – Speaking to Students – Bub Amis
                              “             “                Speaking to Faculty – Randall Robertson
                              “             “                Speaking to Parents – Paul Harris

                             Open Air Pangalaykayan, Bindoy Crusade – C.J. Adkins

Sat, Feb 23 -        Open Air Malaga, Bindoy Crusade – Randall Robertson

Sun, Feb 24 -  Split up pastors to go to the four Filipino Churches
                             C. J. Adkins with Bro. Joseph at Lamdas Church
                             Bub Amis with Bro. Roberto Martin at Bais Church (& 2 other preaching points)
                             Randall Robertson with Bro. Nico Folio at Manjuyod Church
                             Paul Harris with the congregation of Bacong Church

-     Evening Open Air Crusade Sac Sac, Bacong – Randall Robertson

Mon. Feb 25 – Open Air Crusade, Himokdongon – Bub Amis

Tues. Feb 26 – Open Air Crusade, Lamdas, - C.J Adkins

Wed. Feb 27 – School Evangelism Dansulan Elementary – Randall Robertson
                         Open Air Crusade Talungon, Bais – Paul Harris

Thurs. Feb 28 – Open Air Crusade Bindoy – Bub Amis

Fri. March 1 – School Evangelism, San Miguel Elementary School – C.J Adkins
                        Open Air Crusade Pamplona – Randall Robertson

Sat. March 2 – Victory Party Bacong Christian Fellowship (SBC)

Sun. March 3 – Joint Assn. Worship Service at Bacong Christian Fellowship

  • At each Open Air Crusade – Randy Lincoln will give Personal Testimony and Report of Gideons International
  • Brenda Lincoln will also provide special music at all open air crusades

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