Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some Selected Photos From Tuesday's Activities

 Randy and Brenda Lincoln distributing Cebuano Dialect Bibles to new believers in Bacong

 Philippine "cowboys" moving some livestock in Mabinay

 Taking a break near Himokdongon where one of our Easy Rides broke down and repairs had to be made

 Pastor Josue Cadiao (right) counsels an elderly gentleman who was the first person to respond to the invitation at the open air crusade in Sac Sac, Bacong.

 Two precious children getting drinking water from a river in Mabinay.

 We had to get out of the Easy Ride and push it up this hill in Himokdongon.  We've had to do this several times in Lamdas and other remote areas in Mabinay!

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