Sunday, October 10, 2010

Full Flight Blues

My plane just arrived at gate 13A at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. We are due to leave at 10:30 pm. Should arrive in New Orleans at 11:30 Central time (half past midnight to my Eastern Time Zone body).

You always find yourself hoping there will be an empty seat beside you, since coach is like riding in a cattle car.

I asked the lady at the gate if there were any exit rows or bulkhead seats available, in hopes of being able to stretch the legs a bit. She told me what I was afraid I would hear. "The aircraft is basically full. Only two seats are open as of now."

Neither of them were an exit row or bulkhead seat, so I can just cross my fingers that one of the two empties is next to me. (but the odds aren't too good)

At least I am in an aisle seat, and I do plan on sleeping on this flight. Hopefully my snoring won't keep anyone else awake.

Either way, New Orleans, here I come!

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