Sunday, January 25, 2009

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading Tip Off

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading began it's second season at Westmoreland Baptist Church this month. Practices got underway at the first of the month, and yesterday saw the first Saturday games of this season. We thank God for the opportunity to be involved in this wonderful ministry to children and their families. Here are a few random photos of practices and yesterday's games.
Our league has increased in numbers by just over 40% over last year's participants. We have expanded to six teams and three cheerleading squads. The kids had a great time, and the parents and grandparents seemed to fully enjoy the games.
I want to thank every coach, referee, concessions workers, and other volunteers who helped pull off a great opening day yesterday. It was also great to see other church members come by just to enjoy the atmosphere and visit with the parents. God is blessing this ministry of Westmoreland Baptist Church.

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Luis Delgado said...


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