Friday, January 9, 2009

A Group of "Doers"

Pictured here is a special group of young adults and their children. These are all members of the Pairs and Spares Bible Study Class at Westmoreland Baptist Church. Our church is blessed with a number of excellent small groups and classes. Each group has it's own personality and each fills an important niche in our church family for Bible Study, Fellowship and Ministry. As pastor, I am proud of them all, but I have a special place in my heart for this particular class.

The Pairs and Spares group is one of the newer classes in our Sunday Morning Bible Study program, but in their short history as a class unit, they have already made an impact for the Lord in our church and in the community. They come from several different walks of life. Two are nurses, one is a certified teacher. There are accountants, contractors, office assistants, home makers, and management people. They work for Lowes, Cracker Barrel,, hospitals, manufacturing and sales firms, private offices, pre school programs, and call centers. Some class members are married, some single. They bring their own individual gifts and talents in helping Westmoreland Baptist Church fulfill it's mission in the community and the world.

As I look at this photo I see a group of young adults who are quickly becoming the backbone of our ministry here at Westmoreland. None of them are "bench warmers". There are no spectators here. All are doers, and they are setting a wonderful example for each member of Westmoreland Baptist Church. In this group are Vacation Bible School directors and teachers, The AWANA Commander and other AWANA leaders and volunteers. Some work with our youth group and student ministries, or child care. Others are involved in music ministry, singing in choirs, vocal ensembles, or playing instrumental music. One oversees all of the audio/visual/multimedia technical ministries of our church. Some are actively involved with Upward Basketball, Cheerleading, and Soccer. Several serve on various committees in the church. At least one has been involved in short term mission trips and ministry to the Huntington City Mission. Several of them have helped us in putting together evangelistic block parties in our community.

One of the great impacts this group has made in their short history as a class, is the "Garments of Grace" clothing ministry for needy families and individuals in our community. The clothing ministry was an idea that they brought to me shortly after their class had formed. They were willing to oversee this ministry and it has quickly grown from a "clothing closet" to an operation that fills three rooms! The ministry has grown quickly (possibly even more than they had expected). Our church family responded in a tremendous manner, bringing in all manner of good quality items for the ministry. Scores of families and individuals have already been helped with top quality adult and childrens's clothing, shoes, coats, purses, back packs, etc. Class members keep the project going by sorting, sizing, and displaying the various items in an attractive, orderly fashion. The clothing ministry is publicized in the community with certain special advertized days, but it is also open daily to anyone who has need of the resources. The clients of this ministry are treated with dignity, and class members exhibit the love of Christ through their actions.

The members of the Pairs and Spares Class not only BELIEVE in the mission of our church - but they are INVOLVED in it through our three fold purpose of "Magnifying God... Making Disciples... and Ministering To People". The Pairs and Spares class members are not only coming to church, but they are helping to set the example of "being the church". They are also serving as great role models to their children and the other young people of Westmoreland Baptist Church.

James writes in his epistle in the New Testament that we should "be doers of the Word and not hearers only". These folks get it!

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