Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Thoughts On A Friday Morning

Don Gorske, a retired prison guard from Fon du Lac, Wisconsin recently consumed his 25,000th Big Mac. It has taken Mr. Gorske only 39 years to accomplish this feat. Can you imagine that?
In one of the greatest understatements, ever, Gorske said, "I just like Big Mac's". Ya think?

He was featured in the 2004 documentary, "Super Size Me", which looked into the impact of the fast food industry upon our culture. One would expect this guy to weight about 400 pounds, but in reality, he is trim and fit, walks a couple of miles a day, and has been pronounced by his doctors to be in top shape. His heart is in good shape, cholesterol is low, and blood pressure normal. I chuckled when I read that the doctors, however "did not recommend his diet".

Gorske said he ate his first Big Mac in May, 1972. It was on the occasion of purchasing his first car. To celebrate, he went to McDonald's and ordered three Big Mac's. (apparently it takes three of the sandwiches to trigger an addiction) He liked the Big Mac's so much that he went back to the Golden Arches twice more in the same day. By days end, he had scarfed down NINE of the double decker sandwiches, and he was well on the way to addiction to a strange combination of "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun".

I offer my congratulations to Mr. Gorske for leaving his mark in the Junk Food Hall of Fame. He continues to add to his world record daily, and was quoted as saying, "I'll eat Big Mac's till the day I die!" My guess is that he probably do exactly that - (continue to eat Big Mac's - and eventually die - even though it may be of old age and not from hamburger poisoning.)

It is a tremendous feat to consume 25,000 Big Mac's in just under four decades, but to me, the most amazing thing in the whole story is the fact that he ate nine of the sandwiches in one day!


Our President, yesterday, managed to enrage both sides in the age old Arab-Israeli conflict. His support for the so called "Arab Spring" revolutions was not well received by the ruling governments of numerous Arab states. And his remarks about Israel throws a real pall over the prospects of his meetings today with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mr. Obama says that Israel should "return to the pre 1967 borders" as a good faith gesture in negotiating for peace with the Palestinian authority. Part of the Palestinian "government" consist of the militant terrorist group, Hamas - the sworn enemy of the Jewish state. How does one negotiate with a party that not only refuses to recognize your right to exist, but has sworn to drive you into the sea?

The present borders were established after the Six Day War of 1967, when Israel was attacked from all sides by hostile Arab neighbors. In a swift, powerful victory over an overwhelming number of enemy forces, Israel soundly defeated their adversaries. The Gaza Strip and West Bank territories were added to the Israeli map, and Jerusalem (previously divided) was united, and the holiest Jewish sites were once again open to the Israeli people.

I can remember watching the grainy black and white satellite feed as Israeli General Moshe Dyan (the guy with the black patch over his eye) marched victoriously to the "Wailing Wall", which is the remaining foundation of Herod's Temple, which had been destroyed in 70AD. "We have come back to our most holy site..." Dyan said, "... Never again to leave."

Do you think Israel is about to give back any portion of the city that had been David's capital? Do you suppose they would even consider ceding away the territory that would leave the country only 12 miles wide in the middle? Territory that they regained through the sacrifice of the men and women who gave their lives to protect their homeland from forces who sought its destruction? Do you think for a minute that the "Children of Abraham" are inclined to give up their inheritance of a "Promised Land"? I think not.

Several U.S. Presidents have supported the creation of a Palestinian state. But Barack Obama is the first to tell Israel that we, as a nation, support Israel's return to the pre 1967 borders. I am appalled. For years we have stood alone as Israel's only major ally. Now, one can only wonder where U.S. Israeli policy will go under this administration.

In the Book of Genesis, God promised that particular land to Abraham and "his descendants, forever". He also promised Abraham "I will bless them that bless you, and curse them that curse you." I pray that our nation will continue to support the nation of Israel. But, with us, or without our support, a sovereign God will care for His Chosen people.


Mom's birthday is coming up next Monday. She'll be 82. We celebrated Dad's 84th birthday this past week. He's had quite a full life. My two brothers and I have been blessed to have been born to such special parents. Dad has made an impact in thousands of lives during the 60+ years of his ministry. He has left some of himself in each of us boys. Carl got his smile and easygoing people skills... Bruce got his inner strength and resolve... I got his name. After 60 years, I am still hoping I can live up to it.


Well, tomorrow is the big day - the day we've all been looking for. According to Harold Camping, an elderly civil enginer, and part time radio preacher, the rapture of the church will happen tomorrow - Saturday, May 21, 2011. This is actually Camping's revised rapture prediction. He had earlier predicted the coming of Christ to happen in 1994. That prediction was a bust, and considering that Jesus said "no one knows the day and the hour" when all of this will take place. I am inclined to believe Jesus, over Harold Camping.

Whereas, serious Bible students tend to laugh off predictions of Camping and other false prophets, one fact does remain. One day Christ IS coming for His church. Take a moment to look at your calendar and your watch. One of these days, one of these hours, one of these minutes, the Bride of Christ is going home.

If we knew it would be tomorrow, how much of a sense of urgency should we have? Shouldn't we have that same sense of anticipation every day?

Perhaps today?

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