Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Is A Mudbug?

Please allow me a moment of personal indulgence as I say a word about my oldest grandson, Caudle Jerry Adkins, V (or "Quint" as he is known to family and friends).

All grandparents are ga ga over their grandkids. My personal friends and other readers of this blog know that I am especially proud of my four grandsons (as well as the expected fifth one whom I am looking forward to meeting in about 6 more weeks). Quint is the firstborn of these five, and at the age of 11, is becoming a fine young man.

Quint is an extremely intelligent young man. He is quite mature for his young age. He is already becoming an excellent drummer, he likes soccer, and is involved in Boy Scouts. He was a "senior" (fifth grader) this year at his elementary school, the Marrero Academy for Advanced Studies. Marrero Academy is a Magnet School in Jefferson Parish, just across the Mississippi River from New Orleans. The school mascot is the "Mudbug". For those not familiar with south Louisiana, mudbug is the common name for the crawfish (called crawdads in these parts).

Anyway, yesterday was graduation day at Marrero Academy. Quint was chosen to give the final speech. His Momma has shared it with us, and it is something I wanted to share with you. So here 'tis:

5th grade speech
Quint Adkins

What is a mudbug? To many, they are miniature lobster-looking bottom feeders that, when seasoned just right, make for a delicious Louisiana meal. To others, however, a mudbug is a mascot that represents academic excellence. An emblem chosen to be worn by students of one of the top performing schools in Jefferson Parish.

Some of us came to Marrero Academy as the very first fourth graders to ever wear the small crustacean. Now, at the end of our elementary experience, the time has come for us to say good-bye to our school and to the tiny red creature we wear on our chest.

Over the last two years we’ve experienced many different emotions. We have celebrated, we have cried, we have laughed, we have gotten on each other’s nerves. We have learned to appreciate the funny things that make us who we are. We all have strengths. We all have weaknesses. But together we can accomplish any task.

To those we leave behind, we would like to encourage you to learn to accept the differences in your classmates and to use those differences to work together to make a positive impact here at Marerro Academy.

To the fourth graders, enjoy time as the big fish in the pond, because this time next year you will be starting over as a little fish in a much bigger pond.

To our teachers, thank you for helping us to become who we are. Mrs. Gordon, you made up songs to help us learn and by doing so, made leaning fun. Mrs. Kringus, you danced with us and taught us how to be better writers. Mrs. Gibbs, you taught us to speak to another culture. Mrs. Murden, you read to us and encouraged us to read. Mr. Roche, you challenged us to be more responsible in our work. Mrs. Gaubert, you have helped us to see life as it is with all its good and bad. For all this and more, we are thankful.

We still have a long way to go in school. Each of us hope to be successful in our future studies. As we leave here we know that we will walk different paths, but no matter where we go or what we will do, we will never forget our time as Marerro Mudbugs.

We are not just a group of students who have taken tests and eaten lunch together. We are friends, nay… We are family. We are the Mudbugs of Marerro Academy. Long live the mudbugs!

Good job, Quint! We are so proud of you, sonny boy! Enjoy your summer, and good luck in Middle School.

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