Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thanks For Your Concern and Prayers

Just a note to those of you who were concerned by the last post, to let you know, I was released from Kings Daughters Medical Center's Heart and Vascular Center on Sunday afternoon. All of the EKG's, blood work, echo cardiograms, and the stress test, indicated there were no apparent cardiac problems. So apparently the little incident on Friday afternoon was a false alarm.

The outpouring of calls, cards, Facebook posts, emails and prayers were truly comforting and deeply appreciated.

I made it back to church in time for the Deacon Meeting and evening service. Enjoyed sitting back and listening to Dad preach.

Linda and I are looking forward to leaving early Sunday morning for the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. We will be meeting up with our older son, Jay, and his family and look forward to spending the week with them in Orlando. We will be making a week of vacation out of the trip to the Convention.

I am thankful for the time away from the normal routine. Linda and I can both use the break! Also thankful for those who will fill the Westmoreland Baptist Church pulpit for the two Sundays I will be gone. My Dad, Rev. Caudle Adkins, Jr. will be speaking in the Sunday morning service on June 13th. On the 20th we will be blessed in the morning service with a 50 member Youth Choir and Drama Team from First Baptist Church at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Both Sunday nights (13th and 20th) will be covered by Chan Arnett of Catlettsburg, KY. Chan is an outstanding young Bible teacher, and we will be combining our adult and youth services at 7:00 PM on those two nights.

Thanks again for all your prayers and words of encouragement. I am blessed beyond measure with so many friends, and to serve as an under shepherd to the precious community of believers here at Westmoreland.

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