Friday, September 11, 2009

My 400th Post

Never, Ever Forget!

Eight years ago today Americans were shocked into reality as thousands of our fellow countrymen lost their lives while going about their daily activities. The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and a field outside Shanksville, PA were the particular sites of destruction, but the anguish and the outrage were felt from coast to coast and around the world.

On that day, and for a few weeks following, we were no longer "hyphenated Americans". We were simply Americans. We were united by the common loss. We called out to God. The churches were full. We began talking and bonding with our neighbors. We gained a renewed respect for those who serve us in the Military and as first responders at home. We came together as a people against a common, faceless enemy.

We soon learned that the enemy was actually a hate filled radical Muslim group, with no regard for life or property. Their only motivation was a blind loyalty to a false religion that promised eternal life and 70 virgins to the fools who would destroy themselves while exterminating the "infidel". We were repulsed by the hate and violence. We united for a short while as a people who understood that there are those out there who hate us, for no other reason than our way of life.

Now, only eight short years later, we seem to have forgotten the many lessons learned on 9-11.

We are a nation divided. We are like a rudderless ship. We have elected executive and legislative branches of Government who seem to be focused on "Changing America". Not changing the things that may be wrong in America, but actually Changing America. Our values, our freedoms, our inalienable rights.

I fear a government that is progressively inserting itself into our personal lives. I fear a government that has come ever closer to taking over our financial institutions, manufacturing companies, and our health care system. I fear a spirit of entitlement that many among us selfishly exhibit, that manifests itself through dependence on the government to meet all of our needs and wants. I fear the reckless spending of TRILLIONS of dollars that we do not have, to put band aids on mortal wounds.

We have become a divided nation, a rudderless ship. We have become more openly ugly, rude, dishonest, and sickeningly partisan. We are becoming the antithesis of what our founding fathers envisioned for this great nation.

I am praying that on this eighth anniversary of the single most violent acts ever perpetrated on our shores, that we will not only remember September 11, 2001, but that we would also remember July 4, 1776.

Never, ever, EVER forget!

And don't forget there is a God who calls us to remember His Providence. It's not too late.

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