Monday, July 13, 2009

It's That Time Again!

The panic is beginning to set in.

Well , maybe not real panic, but the unpleasant knowledge that I will be losing my "right arm" at work for about 10 days - starting this Thursday. That is when our Church Secretary, Sonia Jones, will be taking some of her well deserved vacation time. I certainly don't begrudge her taking her earned time off, but things just aren't the same at the big building at the corner of Hughes and Court streets when she is gone.

Sonia is the pleasant first voice one hears when calling Westmoreland Baptist Church. She came to the church seven years ago, after a number of years working for a large law firm in Huntington. In fact, she began her duties at WBC just a few months before I was called to be Pastor there. I continue to marvel at how deftly she handles her duties and how she manages to get everything done between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday. But she does it, and her duties are much more than just answering the phone.

Sonia serves as both the Administrative Secretary and Financial Secretary at Westmoreland. While keeping up with the innumerable tasks I give her to do everyday, she still finds time to run the office; paying bills; doing payroll for the church and Mother's Day Out; keeping all of the church's financial records and bank accounts current, updating membership lists; typing up the weekly bulletin and the monthly newsletter; processing numerous requests for help from needy families; taking care of all outgoing and incoming correspondence; ordering office supplies; computer troubleshooting; handling incoming phone calls; keeping the church calendar updated; answering questions and helping church members with various needs; etc, etc, etc.

Get the idea?

Her office can seem like Grand Central Station at times. It can get crowded and noisy. It can be confusing. Yet her efficiency in getting the job done - often under great stress and looming deadlines is second to none. Very seldom does she make a mistake. Once a task makes it's way to her "To Do" list, you can count on it being accomplished. I never have to ask twice. She manages to take care of all her church obligations while at the same time being a wife and mother, and helping Philip manage the numerous rental properties that they own. She is a busy girl...

Obviously, I am not looking forward to the next week or so while she is gone. We'll make it through of course, but it is not the same when Sonia is out of the office.

So, Sonia, I hope you and Philip and Nathan have a good vacation. I don't know exactly what you have planned, but I hope you enjoy your time off. Just don't forget your way back! We need you...

By the way - You'll be back just in time to get the August Newsletter out.

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