Wednesday, May 21, 2008

safely arrived

Manila, Philippines
1:20 PM
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At this writing we have now been traveling for 36 hours. We are now in the old Domestic Airport at Manila, awaiting our flight to Dumaguete. The Cebu Pacific Airline flight is scheduled to begin loading in about 50 minutes. Of course that’s “Filipino Time” which may mean 50 minutes – or it may not…

The flights so far have been timely and as comfortable as can be expected in economy class. This team is a fine group of folks and have already begun to mesh as a unit.

I am including a photo from Hong Kong International Airport, and an interior shot of the Manila Domestic Airport – two very different places! We arrived in Hong Kong at 5:45 Wednesday morning (May 21st) and I was able to get out on my Blackberry to send an email to Linda, Benji, and Sonia, so they could get the word out of our safe arrival to that point.

The weather here is HOT and HUMID. After claiming our baggage at Aquino International Airport and wrestling it through customs and over to the old Domestic Airport, we were all getting pretty “ripe”. I managed to get a “cat bath” in the Comfort Room here at the airport and changed shirts. Feeling (and smelling) much better now, but all of us are feeling the effects of a day and a half of travel with only three or four hours of sleep (while sitting up).

Plans call for us to get checked in to our hotel about 4:30 – 5:00 PM (if everything goes as scheduled, and we will then have a joint dinner meeting with our Filipino team members before bedtime. This meeting will be a get acquainted time for our first timers, and a time to go over plans for our mission activities, which begin B&E tomorrow!

Billy Cox said, “Nobody will have to rock me to sleep tonight”. We all share the same sentiments.

Joey, Jay, Robby, Bobby, Billy, Amanda, Janna, and Daniel join me in sending our love and appreciation out to all our loved ones and those who are praying for the success of our mission activities.

(A personal word to Terry Perdue) There is all kind of stuff for sale here at the airport, but I haven’t been able to purchase any Manila folders – they’re fresh out! Perhaps you can check with office Depot…

9:35 PM Wednesday
Dumaguete City

This will be brief as I can hardly hold my head up.

We had our full team meeting tonight. Productive time, but nothing earthshaking.

I did get word that our Philippine airlines coming home On Friday has been cancelled. All I know right now is that Michelle tells me that our flight is cancelled and they have us going back home a day earlier.

Michelle, I can’t get into my email (verizon or roadrunner account). Please email me at with any details on the cancellation, that you may have.

I can’t hold my head up any longer. I’m going to bed.
Good night every one.

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