Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day One is In The Books


Thursday, May 22, 2008

11:00 PM

Dumaguete City, Philippines

Day one is officially over. We have been in the Bais City area today. We had our breakfast early and had team devotional before leaving the hotel at 9:30 AM. We returned about 10:30.

The two hour trip up the coast was made even more difficult than the usual drive. Road construction made the journey more difficult than usual. We had lunch at a decent place in Bais City and we actually saw part of the NBA playoff game between San Antonio and the Lakers. There was a market next door with fresh produce and Jay decided he needed some of those delicious small greenish bananas. Shortly after lunch, he fed one of the Bananas to a MONKEY out on the sidewalk. That's right. A monkey...

We then proceeded to the home of Pastor Joanathan ans sister Joan Ugdoc. They had plans made for us for the day. We split into groups of two and three - and each group hit the trail, to raise money and lay an invitation for the evening crusade. Our teams divided up with our Filipino hosts to do house to house evangelism in Bais. Each team met with much success (and a few challenges) in sharing the gospel and in inviting people to the evangelistic crusade that was to be held at the Oktis Barangay Basketball court at 5:00 PM.

The service didn't start until 6:00 PM. Robby Pearson preached and over 60 adults made public professions of faith in Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord for a wonderful starting point.

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