Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yesterday's Blog Stats

I never cease to be amazed how connected our world is today.  I have had the privilege to travel as far as 13 time zones away, and I know how long that can take (even by jumbo jet) and how expensive that proposition can be. Yet the world wide web has connected us with people all around the world, instantly!

Social Media of all types allow us to post updates and status, tweet, post photos, skype, facetime, instagram, and numerous other vehicles of communication.  I use it to visit daily with scores of friends, young and old, whom I have come to know well after a dozen mission trips to the Philippines.  I hear from many of them regularly - in spite of the time difference.  Our sharing of information and photos, help us stay close even though we are separated a half a world apart.

Then there is this blog site.  I have been blogging for several years now.  Not every day, and it's really a small time operation.  It's bush league compared to bloggers who reach millions, but when I look at the stats on my little blog, it still boggles my mind how many visits my site gets on a regular basis.

Over the time I have been sharing thoughts in this media, I see that I have had over 128,000 visits to this site.  Yesterday alone there were 373 separate visitors to "For What It's Worth" from ten different nations around the globe.

The breakdown looks like this:

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea

Just think of what is involved here.

An insignificant pastor in the WV-OH-KY Tri State Area of the United States, who only has time to blog intermittently, can pick up nearly 400 viewers around the world, on a day when I have actually not published anything new for several days. Information is moving at a blinding pace, even into nations where I know no one personally!

It's a small world and it's shrinking faster and faster every day.

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