Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Prayer Time

The first Thursday in May is designated as the "National Day of Prayer".

While every day should be a national day of prayer, most of us are sadly lacking in our prayer lives.

While I am less than enthusiastic about "Programmed" prayer events, especially those which are easily hijacked by those who have more of a political agenda than spiritual, I do believe that God's people need to band together in prayer. And certainly in these days of increased Christian persecution around the world.  Our nation needs the Salt and Light that only God's people can provide.  Pray for boldness in sharing the Gospel. We will not change the world through the ballot box or by who is in the White House.  We will change the world by sharing the Good News of Christ faithfully and by enthroning Him in Our House!

Here in the West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio Tri-State area, there are a number of National Day of Prayer observances, going on at court houses, city buildings, and other public places. Many are listed on line and in the local papers. Folks who would like to attend those have may options.

At Westmoreland Baptist Church we will be ringing our church bell at noon, in concert with many other churches around the nation, to call our people to prayer.  We do not have a formal program set up, but we will be having a prayer and scripture reading time beginning at 11:45 AM.  The informal time of prayer will be led by deacons Thamer Calhoun and Al Dienes.  All are welcome to attend.  The doors will open at 11:30.

In the mean time, don't let tomorrow be the only day you seriously pray for our nation.  Every day let us pray for our leaders, as the scriptures instruct us to do.

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