Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Christmas Letter To My Grandsons

Well, it looks like Christmas is finally just about here!  I remember how, when I was your age, it seemed like Christmas would never come.  But now it's here, and I wanted to write you a little message that I think is very important for you to read and remember.

Mamaw and I are giving you the best gifts that we can afford to give.  We hope that you will enjoy them and be grateful for whatever you receive this Christmas.

The greatest gift we can give you, however, is a gift that money cannot buy.  It is the gift of love and a Godly heritage.  We love Jesus and we received Him as our Savior many years ago.  Your parents also know and love Jesus, and they are actively involved in serving Him and following Him as one of His learners.

They have also taught each of you the Gospel message from the time you were babies.  Four of you have also trusted Jesus as your Savior.  We are so thankful for your faith in Christ and we pray that little Nathan will do the same as soon as he reaches an age that God begins to speak to his heart.

I hope you will always be faithful to God and His Word.  Make it the principal focus of your lives and you will never go wrong. 

You will grow up in a world that is very different from the one your Mamaw and I grew up in.  There is much evil and there are many temptations you will face that will be a great challenge to your faith. Take some wise words of advice from your old Papaw.  Never compromise the truth, even if all your friends say it is OK to do so.  Just trust God and follow the teachings of Jesus.  It won't always be easy to do that, but His Spirit will help you!

Mamaw and I pray that the spirit of Christmas will abide in you every day of your lives, and not only in the month of December.

We hope you will have a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2013.  Obey your parents.  Do your very best in school and in your extracurricular activities.  Love your brothers and be kind to them. They are your first and very best friends for life.

We are more proud of you than you can imagine.

Mamaw and Papaw

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