Thursday, May 24, 2012

This N That

I've been blogging for several years now. Info about me and my reason for blogging is located on the panel to the right side of the screen - so there is no need for me to go into my motivation or an explanation of the blog in this post.
When it comes to the blogosphere, "For What It's Worth" is basically small potatoes. Next week I should pass the 45,000 mark in page views. In the vast scheme of things, that doesn't compare to the huge numbers of which some popular blogs can boast. But on the other hand it's rather amazing to me that there have been than many visits to this site.
The stats that Blogger keeps reveal some interesting data regarding "For What It's Worth". It has recorded somewhat regular readership from the following countries, listed in order of readership volume:

United States
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates
It is somewhat interesting to me, to realize that the ruminations of a rather obscure 61 year old Baptist pastor from West Virginia has had regular readership among folks on several continents. (although I seem to be coming up way short in the Southern Hemisphere!)
The stats page also reveals how the readers have come to find this blog: is far and away the highest number of referrals to this blog. is next, followed by and The stats list numerous other referring sites and URL's but those listed above are the most common.
Even the percentage of the various browsers used, as well as the operating systems are listed.

Pageviews by Browsers

Internet Explorer (42%)
Firefox (19%)
Chrome (14%)
Safari (13%)
Mobile Safari (9%)
Instapaper (1%)
Opera (1%)
Mobile (1%)
chromeframe (1%)

Pageviews by Operating Systems:

Windows (68%)
Macintosh (10%)
Android (9%)
iPhone (5%)
Linux (2%)
iPad (1%)
BlackBerry (1%)
It's been fun blogging. I hope to continue for as long as possible. There have been times when it lay dormant for a while, but that happens due to several circumstances - ranging from heavy schedule, ministry responsibilities, travel, family issues with our aged parents, or just plain old writer's block. I've had opportunity to vent when angry, brag on grandchildren, comment on the passing scene, talk some politics, discuss some scripture, share some poetry, spin some yarns, pass along a funny story of photo, and comment on doctrinal issues in the Southern Baptist Convention - all "For What It's Worth".
However you may have happened to find this blog, I'm glad you stopped by. I hope you save it on your "favorites" and visit often. Some of you are regular readers. Many have left comments, both positive and negative. Hopefully it hasn't offended many, but I know it has some... Either way, I appreciate your readership, and welcome your input. Some times you may agree with me, sometimes you may not. Perhaps it will provoke thought, and hopefully it will point folks to my Lord and Savior.
Stop by and visit when you can.

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