Thursday, April 28, 2011

Anybody Else Awake At This Hour?

Well, I am wide awake at 2:45 AM.

That is what happens when a 60 year old guy falls asleep in his recliner around 8:00 PM. Linda awakened me at 11:00 with the familiar, "Are you coming to bed, or sleeping down here all night?" Many times the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak (and the recliner is comfortable) and I just grunt some sort of reply - never budging from my position. However, last night I managed to arise, plug up my cellphone, and trudge up the stairs to the comfortable mattress with the clean sheets and the warm bed buddy.

One would think that having had a three hour power nap, that I would have had a case of what my father in law calls "The Big Eye", and been awake half the night.

Not so!

I was out like a light before Tony Cavalier could finish the tornado watch report on NewsChannel 3's First Warning Weather segment.

I sawed logs like crazy until 2:30, when my body alerted me that I had achieved 6 1/2 hours of shut eye, and it was ready to go for the day. This is fine in the sense that I am refreshed and ready to go. Unfortunately, I know how groggy I am going to feel around 2:30 this afternoon - when I should be busy doing the Lord's work. Uggh!

So, reluctantly I put on my slippers (diabetics aren't supposed to walk around barefoot) and moved my unused alarm clock over to my spot in the bed (it makes it easier for Linda to hit the snooze button for about an hour) and down the dark stairs I go. For the past six years the only times I have ever woke up by my alarm, is when I have a 6:00 AM flight at the airport. I generally don't need to set it then, but just in case I would happen to oversleep, I wouldn't want to miss the security pat down from the TSA - or my flight either.

The two morning newspapers I receive were not yet on the front porch. A quick check of Facebook reveals that most of my friends turned in several hours ago, and some of the younger ones haven't even gone to bed yet! Television at 3:00 AM is pretty much the "vast wasteland" we were warned about in the 60's. Mostly infomercials, old movies, the endless cable news channel reports on the Royal Wedding, soccer matches from some foreign country, all star poker tournaments, and endless commercials about natural remedies for a particular malady common to some men of a certain age. Good Grief!

So, a quick post on the blog (as if anybody would be even remotely interested in my messed up sleep patterns) and now for on an hour or so of quality time in the Word. That is probably the best thing about waking up so early. God is still up - He never sleeps. And early in the morning, while things are still quiet, I have found it is the best time to connect with Him. He speaks to me through His Word and I pour my heart out to Him in prayer. It doesn't get any better than that!

The day always, ALWAYS, goes better when I spend some quality time with Him, early.

So, it's off the computer for now, and into the Book (not Facebook) for my personal spiritual growth and some good, productive sermon prep time. There is plenty of other ministry stuff to take care of the rest of the day.

I hope YOU have a blessed day as well!

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CLDreamer said...

Sometime, if you will, I'd like to get your biblical view on tattoos. I don't have any, but would like scripture feedback of why one should not get them.

Also, cremation. (Seems quite popular nowadays but personally, I'm against it. I guess from Mom's memorable Sunday school words.) ie: Are there "scriptural" verses I may quote when someone asks me why I don't approve?

Thank you C.J. : )