Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our American/Filipino Team

Earlier computer problems have been diagnosed and corrected! Mostly operator error (if you can imagine such a thing!)

At any rate, our "Official" mission trip activities got under way this morning with a 30 minute drive up the coast where we met together with our host and partner Filipino Pastors and church planters and their wives for the "orientation" session. Pictured here are (front row, l to r) Thamer Calhoun, Juvy Zerna, Brenda Lincoln, Elainita Agaban, Jocelyn Folio, Pastor Roberto Martin, Pastor Josue Cadiao, Christy Cadiao, and Pastor Joseph Zerna. Back row - L to R: Randy Lincoln, Dodong (last name escapes me right now) Pastor Arnel Agaban, Pastor Nico Folio, me, Gene Bennett, and Randall Robertson.

We had the meeting at a rather new facility near the town of San Jose, on the road leading up the mountain to the Twin Lakes.

The view was breathtaking as one could look across a deep valley from the Azalea restaurant, where we met, to the towering mountains on the other side of the river which rushed down toward the sea. In the distance the island of Cebu could be seen. The day began overcast, and a shower fell while we were there, but by the time our meeting was over, the sun had come out, and the ocean sparkled in the distance.

The orientation session included a time of worship and fellowship, and covered the basics of the planned activities for the next 11 days. Tonight we will begin with a joint welcome service for our team at the Bacong church. People from several of the other churches will also be in attendance there.

After a wonderful Filipino lunch we came to what was the highlight of the day. Our American team and our Filipino counterparts joined together in a season of prayer that lasted over an hour! God was in the house as we poured our hearts out to Him.

I am certainly looking forward to what He has in store for us over the next few days. As I write this, I realize it is only 3:30 AM back home, and most of our loved ones are sound asleep. I simply ask that when you read this post, that you will take a moment to stop and ask God to do a mighty work. Remember that while you are sleeping, we will be at work and while you are working, we will be attempting to get some needed rest.

To our loved ones back home, our team members want you to know that we love and miss you all. We are all well and rearing to hit the ground running tonight, Please keep us in your prayers.

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