Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Arizona's New Immigration Law

Much has been said about Arizona's new Immigration Law. Most of it has been negative. The President has characterized it as "misguided". He says that full blown immigration reforms are necessary but not just now.

I think the operative question would be "If not now, when?"

We are a nation of immigrants. As someone once jokingly said, "Our forefathers have been kicked out of some of the greatest nations on earth". But seriously, other than the Native American descendants, and the descendants of slaves who were brought here against their will, most of us are the progeny of immigrants. Immigrants who came here willfully and legally. Some came to escape tyranny and persecution. Some who came were seeking a better way of life in search of "The American Dream". Yet they were people who came according to the rule of law.

Our nation has strict and comprehensive immigration laws on the books. Unfortunately, federal authorities have been remiss in enforcing those laws. With this being the case, and illegal immigration becoming a full blown crisis in some of our border states, one can hardly blame Arizona, or others in taking measures to try to stem the flood of illegal aliens.

Opponents of the new Arizona law have likened it to those of Nazi Germany. Comedians have made light of it, and certain broadcast and print media outlets have castigated Arizona's legislators and Governor for passing the bill and signing it into law. The law has been roundly criticized by the Attorney General of the United States, and the Director of Homeland Security, yet amazingly by their own admission last week, neither of them had read the text of the law, nor had they been "fully briefed" on it before criticizing it.

There is no excuse for such ignorance on the part of our Federal bureaucracy. The law is simple and straightforward, and it is only 16 pages long. Here is a link to a website that contains the text of the law.

Read it for yourself, and judge for yourself. Any of your constructive comments would be welcome.

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Scott said...

I agree CJ. For the life of me I just don't understand what part of "Illegal" those who criticize this law do not understand! It's already illegal for the illegal aliens to be here. An illegal alien is no more an immigrant than a thief is a store client.
The other thing that really gets to me is those against AZ's stand on this try to make it sound like anyone who is not for amnesty of the illegals is against immigration. This is simply not the case. I would venture to say that most of us in the country are all for legal immigration. If those wanting to come into this country can't even obey the law long enough to get here legally, then I for one don't believe they should be given the honor of citizenship.