Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blessings

The gifts have all been opened.

Our big family dinner was held on Christmas Eve.

Cleanup is progressing nicely.

The grandsons have created some new "Christmas memories" for us to treasure.

The church was full for Christmas Eve Candle light Communion Service, and it was a wonderful time of Worship.

It's now very early Christmas morning. Linda is still sleeping soundly. She deserves it. This is our 40th Christmas together, and the lion's share of all the shopping, decorating, gift wrapping, cooking, and spreading of Christmas cheer in this family can be traced to her. Mine is simply a supporting role to the one who has "made" this season of the year so special to our widespread family.

Jay, Michelle, Quint and Canon are celebrating in their home in New Orleans. We plan to have a "late" Christmas celebration with them next week. Benji, Leigh Anne, Will and Asher (having been with us yesterday) will spend Christmas day with the Clantons and Craces today. Mom and Dad will have Christmas dinner today with Bruce and Sandi and their families. Carl, Sarah, Kate and Alex are in Atlanta. Linda's Dad, Burgess, missed our family dinner yesterday, suffering from some type of virus. Hopefully we will see him today. The rest of her family is spread from Ashland to Lexington, to Pike Co. Kentucky and from Hampton, VA to Florida and northern Ohio.

So, today, Christmas Day, Linda and I will spend quietly together.

No sadness. No Holiday Depression. Just the two of us, celebrating our 40th Yuletide together.

It will be a day to reflect on all of God's blessings to us. Our home. Our family. Our innumerable friends. And how God has spared our lives to enjoy it all.

It will be a day to reflect on His greatest gift to us.

A Savior.

A Savior who was born so very long ago in an obscure place on another continent. He came to show us the Father (His Father) in Heaven. He became Immanuel, God with us! His life magified the Father. His death purchased our pardon and redeemed us from the slave market of sin. His resurrection grants eternal life to all who receive Him.

Above all, He brings us into a loving relationship with the Father, who loves us more than any imaginable type of earthly, human love. He brings peace, joy, love, hope, contentment, and meaning to life - and it is only found in Him.

This is the Christmas Story. This is the Good News that everyone needs to hear.

So, when the lights are all unplugged, the decorations come down, trees and garland discarded, we hope to keep the "Christmas Spirit" alive throughout the coming year.

Christmas is Jesus. Our Savior. Our Lord. Our dearest friend.

Join with us, and let's make every day "Christmas".

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Doug Virgin said...

What a great picture of you and Linda!! Judy and I can identify with the quiet after the hustle and bustle is over but what a blessing the time together is with all of the family.