Friday, October 9, 2009

Cyber Frustration

I am such a Bozo when it comes to technical stuff.

It’s not that I am completely ignorant, in fact I have learned quite a bit on my computer by trial and error over the past few years, but I am still so woefully inadequate it is embarrassing (and frustrating). At this writing I am sitting in Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, awaiting my flight to New Orleans, which is due to board in about an hour.

Thought I would be able to use this time to pick up some news, on the computer and maybe post to my blog. Found a seat near a receptacle (which is a minor miracle in itself) and plugged in the old laptop and logged on. The Charlotte airport has a free wireless network which I have used many times before. It shows an excellent signal and I quickly connected to it. However when I try to bring up a website – ANY website – I get a message that the computer cannot display that page.


Heck if I know. I hit the button that said “Diagnose this Problem” and it gave me some gobbledygook about installing a cable. I hit some button about installing a new IP something or other, and after several minutes of waiting, got a notice that I must have done the wrong thing (in so many words). I talked to Linda on the cell phone and she told me to log off and then back on. Did that three times – same result – nada!

So, here I sit, typing away like crazy in Microsoft Word, looking for an opportunity to post this confession of my inadequateness when I can finally log onto my blog site.

It’s been a long day already and it is only 4:00 PM. Still nearly an hour away from boarding, and another two hours from seeing my family in the Big Easy. The funeral this morning was a nice service, but the rushing to get back to church, change clothes, and get to the airport was taxing. I slept off and on through the hour and ten minute flight, listening to my ipod and (from the looks from nearby passengers) probably snoring. Only four hours sleep last night explains that. Hope to finish my nap on the New Orleans flight.

Perhaps I can post this when I get to Jay’s house later tonight – although I really don’t know who might possibly be interested in reading this drivel.

I did pass a guy in the main concourse (heading in the opposite direction) wearing a Marshall shirt. (Go Herd!) Also there is an Ann Coulter looking young lady here at the gate for the New Orleans flight, who was also on the flight from Huntington. Haven’t spoken to her yet – primarily because I really don’t have anything to say (she’s probably already heard the “You sure do look like Ann Coulter” comments a thousand times before) and secondly because she hasn’t been off the cell phone since we arrived from Huntington.

Time to get on the plane. If you are reading this, that means I was able to log on at Jay’s house. If not, well …

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