Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It’s For A Good Cause

As you probably already know, the material found in this blog is somewhat varied and often personal. Here is an email I received from Dr. Strat, himself.  In this particular case I don't think the good doctor would mind be blowing his cover. His secret identity is that of my youngest brother, Carl Adkins.  Stadium Manager by day and guitar man by night, Carl has "had the music in him" since he was a little child.  As you will see, he is donating the proceeds of the sale of his original music compositions from his eight albums to a good cause, The Guitar Center Music Foundation http://www.guitarcentermusicfoundation.org/  .

I have already passed this along to folks on my daily email list, but in hopes of reaching a larger potential audience, I'm also publishing it here. Perhaps you can help with this worthy charitable cause.  Of course, I'm going to do so.  Read on for all the details, and follow the links at the bottom to Dr. Strat's website and Facebook page. Here is the text of Dr. Strat's email:


Friends, Family and Associates,

Is there anyone you know who doesn't LOVE music?  Whatever the genre, there is just something incredible about the vibrations created by the sound of music as it travels from your ear through your mind and body to eventually touch your heart and soul.  Think for just a moment about your favorite song(s) and what it does to your spirit - how it makes you feel. 

Sadly, I'm sure you're aware of how music classes and programs have been in a steady decline from school curriculums and other organized programs in recent years.  For many kids, these programs truly hold the key to their future.  After all, not everyone is cut out to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant or Senior Vice President of Marketing.  The fewer kids that find their calling in music, the fewer the compositions, the standards and masterpieces that will be written in the future.  Not exactly what any of us would hope for. 

Like many, I've struggled with how to be part of the solution. Excuses like "I don't know how I can help" or "I don't know where to start" or "I don't have the time or money to donate" are common ones. Guess what?  We can make a difference!  It's easy…Here's the value proposition:  For as little as .89, you get a unique, all original Dr. Strat composition for your i-pod or computer with all of the artist proceeds going towards funding music programs or putting instruments in the hands of eager kids.  How, you ask?  Simple.  It's as easy as 1-2-3

1.  Click on any link below or, go to i-tunes store and enter Dr. Strat in the search box

2.  Buy AT LEAST one song (feel free to buy more!) for only .89 or .99 cents

3.     3.  Forward this message to EVERYONE in your address book and ask that they do the same (as a courtesy to others, please use the Bcc field when sending)




That's right – for every Dr. Strat song you buy, the proceeds will go to http://www.guitarcentermusicfoundation.org/  helping someone in the U.S. to have the chance to discover and embrace the power and magic of music.  When I originally wrote and recorded these songs, it was a simply a creative outlet that made me feel good and allowed me to express whatever I was feeling at that time.  Now it's my hope that the fun I had from the creative process will benefit others by giving them the chance to be exposed to music by your generous purchase of some fine Dr. Strat tunes.

Thank You in advance for using the power of viral marketing to help keep the music alive for the future with your purchase and by sending this to EVERYONE in your address book and encouraging them to do the same.   Oh yeah…one other thing…I hope you enjoy the music!  

Dr. Strat

For more on Dr. Strat's music, please visit my website at http://web.me.com/drstrat  or my Facebook Page at  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Strat/31401608414

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