Saturday, July 26, 2008

Budding Radio Stars?

Today was a first for grandsons #2 and #4 (Will and Asher Adkins). Today they sang on live radio and the World Wide Web.

My Dad, Rev. Caudle Adkins, Jr is beginning his 31st year of "The Lighthouse" radio broadcast on WEMM FM, 107.9 in Huntington, WV.
The program which airs at 4:00 PM on Saturdays has become a fixture on the local Christian radio station for three decades. Dad considers it a ministry to his many friends and especially to folks who are elderly and homebound. He has a rather large listening audience and regularly makes a number of church announcements and dedicates songs to many of the listeners who have contacted him during the week. The music he plays is generally southern gospel, with some Christian bluegrass, and what I would call "mountain harmony" in the mix. He usually delivers a short message during the last 10 minutes of the half hour program. Dad can get more said in 10 minutes than most of us preachers can say in twice that time...

Today the boys had come with me to a Vacation Bible School Block Party and pre registration at the church from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, while their Mom is out of town for a business meeting, and their Dad was working on a paper for a summer class in his Master's Degree program.
By the time everything had closed down at the Block Party I decided we would stop by and surprise Dad at the radio station before his 4:00PM broadcast.
The surprise was on us. Their Great Grandfather asked the boys if they would like to sing. Asher had never seen the inside of a radio station before and Will had once, but he was too young to remember. They were more than ready when the invitation came to sing. Adkins boys are never shy about performing! They sang "Jesus Loves Me" (A Capella of course) and Dad "interviewed" them for a couple of minutes. It was a real treat for both boys. They had a great time.
If you like country gospel music and old time preaching, Dad would love to have you tune in on any Saturday afternoon at 4:00 PM (Eastern time). In the local tri-state area the program is live on WEMM, 107.9 on the FM dial. It can be picked up anywhere on the live broadcast on You probably won't hear the golden tones of Will and Asher, but you'll enjoy the Appalachian flavor of the Christian program.

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poppy said...

C.J. : Enjoy your blog about Bro. Caudle....As the son of a Baptist Minister also(Farris Burton, Sr.)I find myself looking to these wise old owls for counsel....Keep up the good work and may God continue to Bless You with your ministry....YBIC....Farris ,Jr.